Lisette Aldridge – Head Mage of Fire Dragon Clan

Born – Spring, 1178

Age – 842

Height – 5’3”

Eye color – crystal blue

Hair color – white

Hair style –  short bob

Background – Lisette was born and raised in the Aldridge mage clan in England. She was trained by her clan to be a great mage.

And then dragons from the Burkhard clan came to her village. It was then that she met Dieter Burkhard. While it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, she knew upon meeting him that he was her dragon and she was his mage. 

At the end of their visit, Lisette left with Dieter, returning to Burkhard Castle to join the clan and eventually become his mate.

For the past several centuries, she had worked hard, serving the Burkhard clan with all of her knowledge and skill. She helped to fight in the Dragon War, and mourned the loss of many great dragons and mages. She largely survived the war because the Aldridge clan is a minor clan and the Jaeggi focused their evil spell on the major clans.

While Lisette and Dieter were never able to have their own children, they have always viewed Alric as their son and love him dearly. Lisette is a sort of distant relative–many generations removed–of North. They are both from the same clan.

Over the years, Lisette has become the head mage of the Burkhard clan. She had dedicated her life to teaching mages, preserving knowledge that would have been lost after the war, and seeking mages to join the Burkhard clan.

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