Abe Sora – Head Healer for the Fire Dragon Clan

Born – 1958

Age – 63

Appearance age – mid-30s

Eye color – dark brown

Hair color – black

Hair style –  very long, falling to about mid-back

Facial Hair – circle beard

Background — Sora has grown up in a world completely different from the mages of Burkhard and even the mages who lived among the humans. He grew up within the Sodalicium, or more commonly known as the Lost Clan. 

After the end of the Dragon War, the earth and metal dragons gathered up some of the remaining mages as well as what they thought were the last of the wind dragons and disappeared from the rest of the world. They hid to protect themselves.

Hiding among them was the last major clan- the Abe Clan. The Abe Clan members were renowned healers. Their magical skill in healing was unsurpassed in the world. While their clan has always been somewhat small, they managed to escape the attack of the Jaeggi. Their numbers are stronger than most mages in the world.

Sora has grown up protected within his clan and the larger Sodalicium, and he’s so tired of being protected. He has traveled the world, learning what he can about the humans, but he had no idea that there were other dragons out there until he saw them on TV.

Now he knows the challenge he’s been looking for all his life — the Burkhard Clan. They are in the middle of a war with the Jaeggi all over again. They desperately need an experienced healer to save lives and maybe even give their king back his ability to fly. 

It doesn’t hurt that he’s also fallen for the most adorable dragon he’s ever met. Ravi owns Sora’s heart. No one has ever made him laugh or feel more alive than Ravi. With a dragon to call his own and a new clan to protect, Sora is excited to take on the Jaeggi and learn more about the world around him. He also can’t wait to share the lifetimes of healing knowledge stored in his brain.  

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