Gunter Burkhard – Royal Researcher

Born – 1390

Age – 629

Appearance age – mid-thirties

Dragon – Fire

Height – 6’6”

Eye color – slate blue

Hair color – blond

Hair style –  long on top, floppy, hangs in eyes

Facial Hair – Stubble sides, circle beard

Job – royal researcher, librarian, keeper of the history of dragons and mages

Background – Is it wrong to prefer books to people? Or dragons? It’s not that he doesn’t like his clanmates, but they can be loud and messy and chaotic. 

The books in his library…or rather the clan library…are tidy and hold great secrets that will one day save his clan. He likes to think that he’s not only a preserver of that history, but that he’s working hard to gather the history that was lost during the war when so many dragons and mages were killed. 

Spending so much time and energy in the past means that Gunter can sometimes get out of touch with the present. He tends to be solitary and brooding. He doesn’t like to leave his library but he likes Ravi messing around in his library even less.

However, he does appreciate when his friends/family drag him out of the library. His dragon is too often content to curl up in his head and sleep when it very much needs to get out and stretch its wings every once in a while.

He doesn’t think much about finding a mate for himself. The idea of focusing on finding a mate for himself runs counter to his priorities of gathering more information on the lost mages, finding mages for his clan mates and taking down the Jaeggi. 

Besides, why would any mage be interested in an introverted, socially awkward bookworm like him?

Book Appearances: