Nestori “Tori” Taavi – Herbology Mage in Burkhard Clan

Born – 1985

Age – 35

Height – 5’7”

Eye color – light grey, rimmed darker

Hair color – dark brown

Hair style – short on top with fade

Facial Hair – none

Job – odd jobs, errand runner, entry level, manual labor

Education – Tori barely managed to complete essentially a high-school level of education. Due to his dyscalculia, Tori has always struggled with his studies, particularly mathematics, which is closely linked to magic spell casting. Because of these struggles, he has largely been overlooked and underestimated in life. However, he is an incredibly smart, resourceful, and independent person.

He was raised to believe that dragons are evil and betrayed mages. He also believes that the Jaeggi are an ally and not an enemy.

History – Tori had the unfortunate luck to be born into a remote mage clan called the Taavi that didn’t value male mages or mages who had a more intuitive skill when it came to casting magic. It also didn’t help that the Taavi clan is also severely homophobic. As such, Tori has spent the majority of his life as an outcast. He was unwanted by his clan mates and looked down on because of his struggles with math.

Due to the rigid way magic is taught in their clan, Tori has not been able to cast many spells within his life, but he is well-versed in magic theory. His instinctual understanding of magic also allows him to cast spells faster and be more resourceful in the use of ingredients.

Personality – Life has made Tori into a hard, bitter person. A feeling of obligation to his parents kept him locked in his clan far longer than he wanted. When an opportunity presented itself at last, Tori finally ran. He has learned that the only person who is going to look out for him is him. There is no one out there who will help or care about him. That has made it hard for him to trust others, let alone rely on anyone else. 

What Tori wants is a clan who accepts him, flaws and all. He wants a clan that accepts him as a gay man, who accepts his approach to casting magic. He wants to dedicate his life to magic and working magic to help others.

Once Tori feels safe and finds people who accept him, he begins to relax, become more playful and teasing.

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