No, I’m not a mage.

You’re pretty sure you can’t do any magic. You can’t manipulate the natural power found in the elements. And dragons don’t think you smell amazing.

It’s okay! Humans are great too, and we would still like to know more about you.

As you have likely learned in school, most mages were killed during the Dragon Wars and for too long, we’ve thought they were completely gone from the world. And magic along with it.

But we were wrong!

As the dragons have recently revealed, mages are still in the world and we need to find them! The world needs magic. And dragons need mages.

(And in my opinion, who doesn’t want to cuddle an adorable, sweet dragon?!?!?)

We would greatly appreciate your help in supporting dragons and finding mages in the world.

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Cassie Burkhard

Super Awesome Mage-in-Training and Computer Genius