Ravi Burkhard – Alric’s Bodyguard

Born – 1518

Age – 502

Appearance age – early to mid-20s

Dragon – Wind

Height – 5’7”

Eye color – brown

Hair color – dark brown

Hair style – short with loose curls

Job – guard, personal bodyguard for the royal family (most frequently seen with Alric, Cameron, Cassie, or Ha Na)

Background – Ravi had the unfortunate luck of being born during the Dragon War. Both of his parents, along with most of his clan, were killed near the end of the war. He was immediately adopted into the Burkhard fire dragon clan, and they have been the only family he has ever known. He has grown up as the only wind dragon among fire dragons. 

Because he was born a wind dragon, Ravi is naturally smaller in stature both as a dragon and human, than the rest of his fire dragon family. What he lacks in size, he has more than made up for it with speed. He is lightning quick in his dragon form and he takes pride in the fact that King Alric relies heavily on him for that speed. 

Wind dragons are quick, but also tend to be impulsive by nature. They make quick decisions, knee-jerk reactions to events, and this often gets them into trouble. But no one can hold a grudge against Ravi. He’s incredibly friendly, compassionate, and caring. Everyone within the castle loves Ravi. He’s a friend to everyone he meets. 

While Ravi has always felt that he is a full member of the Burkhard clan, he does feel like there is something missing in his life because he’s the only wind dragon. He doesn’t know if there’s something he should know or do because he’s a wind dragon. He wonders what it might be like to be among his own kind.

Book Appearances: